Top 5 Largest Toy Stores In America

Chase Hubert
4 min readMay 18, 2021

When it comes to buying the newest fun toys these 5 large toy stores are the way to go; you get lost in their world and end up building your imagination and since bigger is better, we’re just going to mention the biggest toy stores in the United States.

  1. FAO Schwarz

To start us of you’ve heard about them and, if you don’t know about them then you’re missing out. FAO Schwarz is not only one of the biggest but coolest toy store to ever exist. Based in New York City, New York they have been there since 1862. After it shutdown of Manhattan Plaza in 2015 there were a lot of unknowns, but the company reopened in 2018 bigger, and better. Now there are branches in Beijing, London and Dublin. If you ever happen to be in New York City you should definitely, check it out.


Don’t you just love dolls! Well just in the heart of Chicago is a beautiful store for girls to explore all the dolls and accessories they want. It is the ideal place to have fun if not shop, you can take selfies with the dolls, change their hair, pose for a magazine you know, all the niceties of life. And guess what, all of this is within a 52,000 square foot store, imagine that.


Based in Toronto, the company majorly deals in dollhouses and any accessories that might be needed. Dollhouses have over the years been one of the major toys being sold in the market before the introduction of logos. Now with dolls booming, there is a steady rise in the number of these houses; they are ideal, from miniature to huge just for that special kid. With everything going on it’s good to know they deliver for free within the U.S and Canada.


This list would be boring if we didn’t include one of the greatest toys to ever be invented; The LEGO. I’m a big fan of LEGO’s so don’t judge if I’m a bit bias. If you’re around…



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